Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Why Watercolours are the Toddlers of the Paint World

I have decided that for a beginner painter, watercolours are the toddlers of the paint-world.  Here's why: 


  • They like to push the boundaries;
  • Just when you've got them looking clean and pretty they go behind your back and make a mess of themselves;
  • You're constantly struggling to get them to drink enough water;
  • When they finally increase their water intake, you then discover they've consumed too much and now they won't eat their dinner the paper is so saturated, it starts to warp;
  • They constantly drive you to distraction but you love them anyway (most of the time). 
Honestly - tell me that you can't see the similarities too!

Lilly-pilly blossom

Cherry blossom


Gumnut blossoms
Today's post features some of my very, very, very first attempts at using watercolour as a painting medium.   I sure hope I improve, because what I'm seeing at the moment is a little depressing!  Still, it's a starting point, right?  Onwards and upwards! 

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  1. Beautiful paintings Kate, an excellent start. Watercolours are tricky!! But I'm sure you will "tame" them :P
    My favourite is the gumnut blossoms, lovely ^_^
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