Sunday, 24 April 2011

Misty - Nanna's little princess

If by any chance someone out there has been wondering what has happened to my posts - I haven't stopped - I promise!  Easter+ Sick children + Husband with gastro + Sleep deprivation = Reduction in brain function and output.  (We are all recovering now, thank goodness.  I've come to this conclusion based on the copious amounts of chocolate have already been consumed by 6.55am.  It was that late only because I forbid the kids to come downstairs before 6.30am!)  

Today's post features a pastel work of Misty, Nanna and Gran-Gran's furry princess.  Misty sadly passed earlier this year after a short illness and her loss was felt very deeply by Nanna and Gran-Gran.  Nanna asked that I draw her little princess, Misty so that they can remember what a lovely little girl she was.  Rather than give Easter Eggs this year, I decided that I would give this picture as a gift and I have been working on her this past week (in between the above equation).  I thought that the symbolism of Easter and the significance of Misty was kind of fitting. 

It was bittersweet drawing Misty I must confess.  How to depict her in the drawing was a challenge as I found it difficult to get the balance right with the expression in her eyes and mouth.  I didn't want her to look too happy, nor did I want her to look sad.  I hope that I managed to do her some justice.

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