Monday, 11 April 2011

Squeek Dreams....

Close up - Ninny and Squeek

Today's artistic endeavour is a pastel creation of my cat Flynn Ninny (named so, because he is a scaredy cat!).  Ninny is posing with his favourite toy mouse, Squeek.  Thanks to my brother for helping me with the title!

I really enjoyed drawing my beloved cat - in fact I would have to say it was one of the most pleasant artistic endeavours I've had so far.  However, like everything else I've attempted up to this point, I did find him difficult to draw.  As a result, I've actually completed this same image on two separate occasions.  (Previous Facebookers have only seen Attempt 1!) Below, you will find images of both pictures.  This enables you to compare the similarities and differences between my first and second attempts.  Think of it as a kind of catty, pastelly "Where's Wally" opportunity if you please! 

You may ask, 'Kate, why draw it twice?'.  For anyone out there who can remember The Curiosity Show from the early 1980's, I am going to quote Dean here and say 'Well, I'm glad you asked.'  (For anyone who doesn't recall  The Curiosity Show, just forget I wrote that sentence, ok?)  

Attempt 1

Firstly, Surprise!  Yes, dear readers, I am a closet perfectionist.  However, more importantly,  whilst I was relatively happy with my first attempt, it just didn't feel right.  And I want to be able to look at Ninny and think "Yes! I like it", not "Dang! That paw looks like a growth."  After contemplating the image for a day or so, I decided  that this would be an ideal opportunity to really build on a concept and this image presented itself to me as an ideal learning opportunity.  The decision was made to start over. 

Attempt 2

So, my dear readers, I pulled out the pastels, my brushes, rubber gloves, dust-buster and tissues (creating, just like children, is messy!) and drew my furry baby again. It is obviously a very personal thing, but in my heart of hearts, Attempt 2 feels better.  You may, or may not agree!  I am very happy that at least my children liked it and commented that "Ninny looks like Ninny and Squeek looks like Squeek".  Yay!  Progress! Onwards and upwards, so they say.

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