Tuesday, 19 April 2011

My First Commission!

 As I'm still continuing work on my Sunflowers 2 painting today, I thought I'd share with you my first and very exciting commission!  [This makes me almost believe that I have the potential to be an artist and that maybe I have some artistic ability.  Thanks Natty Nat having more faith in me than I do in myself!]   
Zeke (Left) and Darius

The subjects for my first commission belong to Natty-Nat, my Sister-In-Law.  Let me share with you the exciting conversation that delivered me my first official commission:
Natty Nat: "Hey, Kate, would you draw my fur babies, Darius and Zeke for me? I'll pay you for all materials you require and a little more."
Me: " ______!"  (Silent because jaw was on ground.)  Enthusiasm was  conveyed by jumping up and down on spot in conjunction with lots of fist pumping in the air. 

After I calmed down and regained the power of speech, Natty Nat and I chatted a little about expectations (mostly me stressing that it may be a disaster as I have only been creating for a couple of months).  Natty Nat insisted that I at least try, so we went ahead and planned the artwork.  We decided that as Darius is a very shy boy, he should be drawn with a slightly pensive expression and looking away from the camera.  Zeke however, is quite the furry metro-sexual and *loves* looking in the mirror, so he should be looking straight ahead. I also decided at this point that I would create them from pastel using photos supplied by Natty Nat for reference and hopefully, accuracy.  The above photo formed the basis for the picture.  (Zeke's face however, is taken from another photo.)

Nearly finished....

So I started practicing.  I swear I must have drawn each dog at least five hundred times. (That figure may be a slight exaggeration.  Hey I'm a muso and wannabe artist, not a mathematician!) 

A week or so later, I started creating them, fur real.  (Oh, I love a bad pun <chuckle!>)

And guess what? I couldn't believe it - what was coming out of my hand and fingers and brain was actually kinda looking like a dog.  And possibly, even like Zeke and Darius.  YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!  :-) :-) :-)

Feeling Framed.

I must be honest and say that I found the experience to be quite stressful - after all it is one thing as a beginner artist to draw a dog, it is quite another to draw a dog that looks lifelike and look like the same dog that you are using as a reference picture.  Then imagine compounding the stress by attempting to draw both dogs on the same piece of quality and expensive paper without smudging the pastel.  Eeeeek!

Despite these feelings, I am very proud how this portrait turned out in the end.  Thank you Natty Nat for the wonderful opportunity!  May it just be the start of many... (she writes wistfully)
[Oh, and I was uber excited to spend my entire commission buying more pastel paper and pastels!  Oh the guilt-free fun I can have!]

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  1. Dear Kate

    Yes - you HAVE sunk to the lowest of low points of blogging by commenting on your own post. However, as your inner-voice, I thought I'd take this opportunity to reassure you that you aren't a *complete* *loser* because no-one has commented on any of your posts!

    I'm going to ask you to think of 'commenting' or 'following' as being akin to that awkwardness you felt when you were young at the disco and the dance-floor was empty. Remember how it used to be - the music would be playing, the lights would be flashing, there was heaps of space to move, but there it sat - looking empty, and lonely and pathetic...

    Just remember Kate, everyone WANTS to be the one, it's just that it is a bit of a social taboo to be the first. Afterall, no-one wants to be out there doing the 'sprinkler' by themselves with everyone else watching. What if they laugh?

    I'm sure one day, one brave soul will say to themselves, "Darn it, I'm going in - I'm going to comment!" and they won't care that everyone else may be watching. They'll do the comment equivalent of the nut-bush and you know what? They will be PROUD, because they will know it will make your day! (As long as it's nice. A crummy comment, you'll just have to delete!)

    And you know what, I'm sure one fine day you'll receive a comment that wasn't written by your husband because he feels really, really, REALLY sorry for you.

    In fact, I'm sure that before you know it, everyone will be writing the comment equivalence of the car-wash, the lawn-mower, the sprinkler or the macarena all at the same time and you'll be having a great ol' time!

    'Till then, be patient!

    Love, Inner-Voice Kate


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