Thursday, 14 July 2011

Everything and Anything Painting - Step 2 - There's So Much We Can Do

Yes, it's a tree!
Following on from Step 1, I decided I'd apply my first layer of mixed media - A delightful combo of scrunched tissue paper and special arty sticking stuff.  (I've temporarily forgotten the name of the product.  Sorry about that - "special arty sticking stuff "will just have to do for today.) 

Can you guess what it's representing?  No, not the fact that I have a cold.  A little more obvious than that!

In case you are thinking my painting is now looking worse than it did at Step 1, please don't worry for I still have Steps 3, 4 and 5 to go before I can claim my artwork complete.  At that point, don't you know the time has arrived. Hooh!  (Anyone get it? ;-))
For those of you have now got New Kids on the Block stuck in your head, click here for your 80's fix.  You can thank me later.  (It's a different clip from Step 1's link - so enjoy!).

For those of you who are going to make me feel so incredibly old that I want to cry because you are thinking that you've never, ever heard of New Kids on the Block and this song was released before you were born, I dare you to click on the link and then tell me that it isn't pure 1980's pop gold. 

See you soon - "Ooh, baby"!

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