Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pastel Under Pressure #3 - The Neglected Two

Pastel Under Pressure (PUP) is where I voluntarily inflict untold pressure on myself by setting the oven timer for fifteen minutes and then go about creating a pastel masterpiece from start to finish.  When the oven beeps, I stop, ready or not.  PUP's aim is to force me to try and capture the essence of the image in a quick and effective way.  Sometimes it works, sometimes...

Today's post features a couple of pieces of fruit left over from the week that was.   (As an aside, I must say I'm surprised the grapes weren't eaten, since they are usually the first to go!)

Looking at the finished product, I'm pleased to say I like the combination of colours.  I can also see some improvement regarding the creation of the illusion of depth within the artwork.  It's not perfect certainly, but I think it is definitely better than some of my earlier work. (To see my progression over these past couple of months, feel free to have a look at  attempt 1 or attempt 2.)

No mandarins or grapes were harmed in the production of this masterpiece.  However, by the time you read this, they will have gone to a better place.  Please be assured that it was quick and they were delicious.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!


  1. I like it! Your pastel drawings have been very good since the start of your blog, but I can see an improvement in the shape and depth of your drawings emerge over time.

  2. Thank you anonymous, I'm glad you can see some improvement as well.


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