Friday, 15 July 2011

Everything and Anything Painting - Step 3 - It's Just You For Me

Well, really, by posting this, it's actually me doing this for you.   You are welcome! (What can I say, it's good to give sometimes.)

I'm really pleased to see that my a-tissue mixed media application (as described in Step 2) has actually worked. Phew!  I must admit I was kinda worried it would be a disaster.  At least I would have had some tissues on hand to wipe my eyes if it hadn't worked, I guess.

I'm feeling quite happy with how this artwork is progressing so far, but feel it's still far from complete (sigh).  I can see I need to add some detail to the little 'island' to the centre right of the canvas and a *lot* of extra detailing down in the lower part of the painting.  Currently the trees look a little like they are floating.  They need to be grounded <boom-tish>. 

I know from my earlier posts that you just can't get enough of New Kids on The Block, so click here for your latest Step By Step fix. (As a musician, I liked the passion exuded in this clip, along with the fantastic lip-synching. Wow, I'm being generous today - I just keep on giving and giving.  Aren't you lucky?!) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - see you next week!

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