Monday, 18 July 2011

The Party's Over, And It's Apple-licious!

Ta-da!  I like it.  Do you? As you can see,  I decided on the apples. Oranges just felt too orange.

If you've read my first post  regarding the creation of this artwork, you'll be aware I was feeling a little frustrated with the proportions, use of colour and the effect that I was trying to create.  After having a break and going back and reworking the painting, I like to feel I've really made some definite improvements.  Enough to sort of call it finished.

Hey ~Ding!~ I've just had a great idea!  I'll do one of those little activities like you see in the kiddy cartoon section of the newspaper.  I'll put the unfinished and finished pictures, below this paragraph and you see if you can work out what I've changed.  Go on, it'll be fun!  You've got one minute.  Time starts..... NOW!


.... seconds,
58 seconds,
59 seconds,
60 seconds.... TIME IS UP!

OK, now use my answer key to see how you went: 
0 - 1 changes: Oh, how you flatter me.  Take an extra twenty seconds and go back have a closer look! 
2-4 changes:  Not bad.  You saw I changed the colour of the table, huh?
5-10 changes:  Yep, I'd bet this is where my money is too.
50 zillion changes+:  Come on, I'm not *that* bad!

I'm planning on leaving this artwork for a few days now, so that I can look at it with fresh eyes and go back and correct any little mistakes I've missed.

Thanks for coming by and seeing what I've been up to!  I'll see you later in the week.  As usual, feedback is always welcome.  (Don't be shy now! ;-)) x

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