Wednesday, 27 July 2011


You know how I had the children home from school earlier this week because they were all sick?  Well the good news is that they're back at school.  The bad news is they've now given the virus to me. 

As a result of my slightly altered state of being, I decided today should become an official, unscheduled "I'm feeling sorry for myself day", where I sulk around my house sticking my bottom lip out and do an outstanding  job of feeling spectacularly miserable.  

It was great initially, however after an hour of sighing at my misfortune, I got bored and decided to cancel the rest of the day.  I decided to lift my spirits and get that bottom lip to fully recede to its usual position by painting something that truly makes me feel happy and makes my heart sing.

I thought about it a while and decided that the one thing in the world that gives me the most hope that everything will get better soon is the gorgeous sunflower.  There is something about the colour, the texture and the shape of this bloom that makes me smile.  It also has a very special significance for me which you can read about here

I painted and lo and behold, it worked!  I am so thrilled with this little painting (shown actual size).  It actually looks like a sunflower!  I haven't added the stem yet, or any leaves, because this will be the first featured bloom on a new painting I've started work on.

You know the best thing of all?  This sunflower really *has* lifted my spirits.  I hope just a little of its beauty will now lift yours.

See you soon, petals! x

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  1. There's something so appealing about sunflowers in paintings. If I painted a toccata I think it would have sunflowers in it.


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