Friday, 22 July 2011

Everything and Anything Painting - Step 4 - I Can Give You More

Well, I must say that I'm really happy with how the painting is turning out - and yes, I do think I've given you more.   (You can see the progress of the painting by clicking here for Step 3.)

I really love the combination of colours and textures in this painting and am excited how it looks good up close or from a distance.

I'm at the stage where there's only the scariest part (painting wise) to go and then it will be finished. Lucky, because there's also only one more Step before my song finishes too.

OK, I'm going to confess and admit to you what's scaring little old "I'm not scared of anything" me.  Promise you won't laugh.  

Pinky Promise?

Double Pinky Promise Your Lips Won't Even Twitch a Smidgeon? 

Do You Mean It?

Seriously, I Want You To Promise!

Oh, all right, you won't.  I suppose I'll tell you anyway...

It's the leaves.

Yes, I know it probably seems silly little thing to you, but it really is scary - and the thought of painting leaves on those trees leafs me with clammy hands.  Why? Because one splodgy mistaken splat and  an awful lot of mess could suddenly be created.  I have worked so hard on this painting and to think that the last step could be its downfall is daunting.   

Still, I know you are willing me on to complete the painting and I know deep down that I must be brave.   That I just need to remember to stipple lightly and I must mix and blend colours and not give up until I prevail.

Finally, in keeping with my New Kids theme, I have something extra special for you today - the latest Step by Step fix recorded by the 'boyz' in 2010.  Can you believe they've all grown up?!  I'm thinking they're looking a little stiffer with their moves these days than they did twenty odd years ago.   Maybe glucosamine might help get a bit of spring back in those joints?   Click here to make your own assessment.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Oh yeah....

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