Thursday, 28 July 2011


Dear Reader,

I have some exciting news!  Two of my artworks will be going on display at the Ashgrove City Council Library for the month of August.  I am so thrilled that some of my artwork will be seen by the broader community in which I live.  Can you feel my jingly nerves through your computer screen?

The problem is that I'm unsure of which two artworks to select.  I am, afterall, rather new at all this artistic endeavoury stuff and I'm not sure which of my artworks would appeal to the general public.

As such, to the right of the screen, you'll see a voting facility.  I would love it if you could  have a look at the six artworks below and then vote for your two favourites.  Obviously, the two artworks with the most votes upon closing of my poll will be the ones to go on display. The poll will close on Sunday. 

So, without further ado, here are the contenders:

1. Pete the Peacock

2. Flynny the cat in Squeek Dreams

3. The unfinished, but will be finished Sunflower Painting

EDIT 30/7/11: 3.  Completed Sunflowers Painting - I think I may have got carried away...

EDIT!  29/7/11 No 4. The now *finished* at last Anything & Everything Landscape Painting

5. Zeke and Darius, if I can borrow from my delightful SIL! (This is now framed)

6. Still Life Portrait

So, tell me, which two are are worthy of the fine walls of Ashgrove Library?   

Thanks so much for taking the time to vote and help me decide.


  1. my daughter LOVES the dogs, she has spent half an hour saying "woof woof" at the screen!

  2. Thank you so much, I am really proud of this one and it was my very first commission!

    Zeke is the fluffy white dog and Darius is the German Pointer. Can you tell who has the shy temperament and who is rather gregarious? ;-)

  3. Pete the Peacock is my favourite - after that I am a bit torn between the landscape, the dogs and the sunflowers.

  4. The cat and the still life at the end!

  5. Wow, you're awesome...I'm so jealous!

    I have to vote for the cat, because it's beautiful and I miss my Sheba. :-)

    Fantastic stuff! :-D


  6. (Sheba's been staying with my folks for a while...just thought I'd better clarify that! ;-))

  7. The kitty and the still life! Beautiful!!

  8. What a great way to showcase local artists, congratulations! Alas, my favourites (Sunflowers/Still life) are on the bottom half of the poll.

  9. I love Peacock, Landscape and Still Life. I live near Ashgrove so might pop over for a look 'in the flesh'...Mimi x

  10. Everyone, thank you so much for your votes and your feedback. I love the diversity of views here and am touched that you've taken the time to consider which is your favourite. PS: Emma, I'm glad your kitty cat is ok. Flynny the cat featured in the pastel work is my beautiful old fella (he is 84 now - we think of him more as a person than a cat!). He really loves Squeek, his mouse, so it seemed only natural they should be together in this pastel work. It makes me smile every time I look at it too.

  11. Mimi, I'd *love* for someone who voted on here to see the works in person - how exciting!:-)

    If you happen to go and borrow a book from Ashgrove, you'll be able to see not only my art, but some works by my incredibly talented artist friends and wonderful teacher, Ms Kathy.

  12. I love them all, but #1 and #4 are my picks. I think they showcase your talent well and demonstrate different abilities and gifts. Both pieces are beautifully composed and look very detailed and polished. Gorgeous!

  13. I like the peacock the best and then it was hard but I think the dogs.

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  15. My favourites are the peacock and the dogs.By the way I really like all your artwork! Ps. deleted my last post due to bad spelling.

  16. Thanks Scather, Kristy and Ronnie for your votes!

    I'm thrilled you like my artwork.


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