Tuesday, 19 July 2011

You know how I said I was finished?

Well, sorry.  It turns out I wasn't.  I mean, I did think I was, but last night, I kept looking at that darn picture and thinking "It's still not quite right".  So I tried again today.  Do you think it is better?  Here, have a look:

What about now -  Better?

I've gone back and added an apple; crisped up the lines of the bowl and around the fruit; added more shadow around the stalk; moved the background picture frame over so it sat properly behind the fruit bowl; lowered the table top; altered the shading on the bowl; added extra shadowing around the apples; lightened the blue wall background and generally tore my hair out.  So, as you can see, not many changes were required.

Oh, ok, I stretched the truth just a little.  I admit it, I got carried away, because suddenly I could see I needed to make heaps of changes! ;-)

So, tell me, after all these adjustments, has it actually made a difference, or was I just wasting my time?  You can compare with yesterday's post by clicking here.  Feel free to let me know.  I am still learning afterall and it helps to receive feedback!

See you later in the week!  I'm off to eat an apple.  x

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