Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Avoid being impatient - remember time brings roses*

It's true.  Time does bring roses... and a fresh supply of pastels!  Yippee!

I was so touched when a close family member recently sent me a special gift of some Art Spectrum pastels.

After I received the pastels,  for days on end I was trying to think and think and contemplate and think of what I should create as my first artwork with my brand new acquisition.  I wanted it to be special.  However, much to my frustration, I kept drawing a blank and was feeling uninspired.  Truly, I just didn't know what I was going to do - and it was starting to drive me crazy!

Then, suddenly, yesterday afternoon, I thought about how much I love roses (don't worry, dear husband, that's not a hint! ;-)) and suddenly I knew what I was going to draw with my pastels - a pretty rose. I decided I wanted to be different and that I wanted to make it a big rose.  Really, really *B*I*G*.  The mother of all roses.  Why? Because it's my rose and because I can.  Anyway, I grabbed some paper and the pastels and set about smudging and smearing.  What you see above is the result.

In real life, my rose measures approximately 40 X 25cm, so it really is one huge bloom.  I used Canson paper and a relatively limited range of pastels consisting of blush red, two shades of pink, a navy blue and lilac. I originally used white as the highlight for the rose, but then decided it appeared too harsh against the other colours, so I amended it with a soft buttery yellow.  Phew, it looked *so* much better!

I am so thrilled with how this rose has turned out, I think I'll add it to the side-bar of my blog.  This is my bloggy equivalent of it going straight to the pool room.  (For those of you who are thinking I'm strange and don't understand what I'm talking about, it's referring to an Aussie icon of a movie, The Castle.  Click here to see the (in)famous scene from the film.)

I hope to see you 'round like a rissole,  


(*Thank you unknown for creating that pearler of a quote.  I really liked it.  "Well, obviously!" you say, since I used it as the title of this post. <Sigh!> My brain hurts sometimes! ;-))

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  1. Oh Kate what a pretty rose. I love roses very much and have taken a few from my dear old mothers house before the house is sold so that I have her near to me.
    I love getting new supplies and know just how you feel on getting yours.



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