Monday, 8 August 2011

Jumping Geranium!

I think I'm finally starting to ever so slightly make some progress with watercolour painting.


So why the sudden improvement you ask?

Well, Ms Kathy, clever teacher she is, overheard me muttering in class last week as I was attempting a watercolour study.  She subsequently observed I was adding waaaaaayyy too much water to the pigment when I was trying to paint.  This was causing the paper to become over saturated and the colours to dilute and run.  Oopsies!  After my brain processed this information, she also showed me how to use a clean, dry brush to "blot" up any excess water/paint on the paper. Wow, it was So. Much. Better!  Thanks Kathy!

Feeling inspired after class (and being the diligent little student I am), I completed some additional study on the subject of watercolour painting technique and discovered that it can be a good idea to lift the brush off the paper *before* the brush runs out of paint - this will help avoid lines or splotches on the paper.  Go figure.

Now my only remaining quandary is whether this study actually looks like a geranium.  I'm not really sure.  Oh well, at least I feel like I am finally making some progress. I wonder what I'll attempt next?

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