Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winter Wonderland

Well, It's not really that wonderful, but at as my first ever attempt at a watercolour landscape with quite a few different features, I think it sort of passes. Here you go, have a look:

My inspiration was someone else's I'm afraid - a watercolour study (with accompanying instructions which I mostly ignored - hey I do live in a house filled with males after all!) featured in December 2010 edition of the arty-farty magazine, Leisure Painter.  I must confess I did rush a little at the end.  The kids were hungry and wanted dinner (heaven forbid!), and I felt bored at the prospect of painting delicate grass blades, so I just whacked a few in, here and there.  Naughty, I know.  After reading the magazine in entirety, I'm now starting to think I really need to buy some of that masking agent stuff as it is pretty hard to keep white sections "pure" without it.  I can feel a trip to the art shop coming on.

Anyway, thanks for looking, hope it hasn't given you chills for all the wrong reasons.  I'll see you soon!


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  1. Love the tree Kate. You sound like me trying to fit your art around the usual household duties. lol
    Keep working away your doing great work.


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