Monday, 1 August 2011

And the winners are...

Dear Reader

Well the days have flown and my poll -  where I asked you to determine which two artworks (out of a motley crew of six) I should display for the month of August at Ashgrove library -  has now concluded.

Before I announce the final results, I'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support you've shown me by voting for your two favourite artworks this past weekend.  I'm truly touched.

Now, enough sentimentality - I'm sure you want to know who were the two lucky winners!

[Drum roll please!]

In first place, receiving a huge 60% of the votes, I'm incredibly delighted to announce the grand prize winner is...

Pete the Peacock!

Pete asked me to say to you all on his behalf that he wishes to thank his mother; his make up artist; his girl friend Claudette; and all of you for believing in him.  (Such passion from a peacock, who would've thought?)

And now [an even louder DRUM ROLL! ].....  I'm excited to announce, coming in a second place, photo finish after receiving a substantial 59% of the votes, the runner up, but by no means loser is...
The Anything and Everything Landscape Painting!

If I may, I'd like to make an acceptance speech here on the painting's behalf :

I know 60% +59% = 119% and this means my poll results simply don't add up.  However, my mother always told me I should always put in over 100% effort into everything I do -  these results prove that in this instance, I have.   

I was honestly worried that two dead trees, stuck in some dead grass would be considered nothing short of a boring, wooden painting.  I'm humbled and touched that so many of you liked it enough to vote for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'd like to conclude by saying to any new readers, I hope perchance you've found visiting Art Finds Kate to be not just a blog where I share the outputs of my artistic endeavours.

For me, it's more than that.

I write this blog as a way of reaching out and grabbing you in order to  inspire you to continue exploring and trying different things you've never done before.

It's absolutely true to say that twelve months ago, I could never have dreamed I'd be creating art with such zest and passion, nor writing the blog that you are reading today. It's funny how sometimes one little action, such as attending an art class, can be the catalyst for such wonderful, life changing and fulfilling outcomes.

I wonder what your special 'something' is? Hey, it's out there just waiting for you to try it! :-)

Thank you once again for sharing this experience with me!  Please be sure to visit me again sometime soon and see what I've been up to.

Artfully yours,

Kate x 


  1. Great post Kate. Love those paintings. They are all great though. I wouldn't say no to them hanging on my walls.

  2. Ironically, I didn't vote even though I'm your brother. I *DID* look. But I couldn't choose. It was like a 5yr old in a lolly shop. I want everything, but I can't.

    Let us know how things go at the library.

  3. Awww, baby brother, thanks for your lovely comment, even though you were incredibly naughty by not voting! ;-)

    Jan, you make me blush! (Giggle!)

    I'm not really expecting anything at all to come officially out of the library display, but am just so excited to know that my art will be appreciated by others, if only for a little while. I will surely give you all an update if I have any news! x


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