Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sunflower Fun and my Pastel Fad

Dear All

Yes, as you can see, I haven't quite gotten over my current fad of drawing flowers with my new Art Spectrum pastels.

In some ways I must confess that my current pastel and flower obsession reminds me of when I was child all those years ago, where there used to be an "in" thing for all the kids in the playground to play with at lunch.

I don't know about you, but at my school, it was guaranteed that for precisely two weeks every year, elastics, marbles, yo-yo's, knuckle bones or hop-scotch would suddenly, without any formal announcement, be the coolest, most in-est thing *ever*!  I can recall vividly how if you didn't have a cats-eye marble in your possession for those fateful two weeks every year when playing marbles was "it", then you were just a plain, uncool loser - well, at least you were until the next fad rolled around!

I keep wondering if just like when I was a kid, suddenly one morning I'll wake up and say to myself "Pastels? Flowers?  Nah, sick of that, I think I'll paint an abstract!"  Only time will tell.

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