Friday, 2 September 2011

Abstract Quandry - Part II

Wow, what a difference 24 hours makes!

Following on from Part I, I spent a couple of diligent hours working on this painting last night at Ms Kathy's art-class.  With a slight sense of trepidation, I took my latest artwork home and asked hubby "What do you think?" (Oh my, that can be such a loaded question, can't it?  Sorry honey! ;-))

After a moment of silence where he considered the now vastly different painting, he replied "It looks better."



I'm now pondering whether I should consider this artwork to be a mixed media, an abstract or a landscape painting?

It is true to say I've hinted at a theme/image (landscape - of which I'm not going to tell you).  However, I've tried to keep the painting broad or "open" enough to enable an individual interpretation of the artwork as a whole (abstract).  I can also see the texture I applied (mixed media), but don't consider it to be the intrinsic whole of the work.  See what I mean?  Arrrgh - I hate to feel perplexed!

So, I am curious what do *you* think?

Would you consider this artwork an abstract, a landscape or a mixed media artwork? Why?

Are you drawn to the fiery purple, reds and golds -  or are you drawn to the cool blue swirl? Why?

If you could come up with a title for this artwork - what would it be? Why?  

Yes, I realise I've asked a lot of questions here - it's because I'm fascinated by the notion of an artwork as a instrument to enable the viewer (or person experiencing the artwork) to question or consider their own perception of art, and (in a way, through it), of life.    It's also because I'm amazed to realise an artwork can ask more questions of the person viewing it than have been answered by the artwork itself. And it amazes me how each and every response can be as individual and unique as the person viewing it.

As such, I dare you to spend a moment considering and trying to answer my questions as you look at the painting.  Who knows what you might learn about yourself? ;-)

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend everyone. I'll see you next week!


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