Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jacaranda - Part 2

Hello There!

Following on from yesterday's post, I've been a busy little bee and have spent a couple more hours on my Jacaranda painting.

Possibly as a surprise, I decided to go for a slightly impressionistic effect with my painting.  The concept was  I wanted the Jacaranda to be instantly recognisable and look quite life-like from a distance (see Fig 1):  

Fig 1 - Jacaranda painting from a distance

But that when you get up close, you realise that the entire painting consists of vertical dashes (Fig 2):

Fig 2 - a slightly blurry picture of dashes.

I'm actually pretty proud of this piece so far.  I hope you like the direction I've taken it in.

I still feel I have a little work to go to call the painting complete (particularly around the bottom section), but overall, I think it is going well.

Stay tuned, for the final update in a day or two's time!


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  1. OOoh Kate - I LOVE it! This is a favourite of mine so far. Very nice work xx


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