Friday, 9 September 2011

What the eyes are telling you

Today's post features an acrylic under-painting of a little girl I worked on in Ms Kathy's art class this evening (hence the blue hair and eyes):

The colours aren't a true reflection of the brightness of the real painting I'm afraid - a combo of my camera phone and night time lighting has slightly dulled the intensity of the work.  When I present the completed painting, I'll be sure to take a "true" photograph.

I can't help but look into her eyes and wonder what she is thinking.

My biggest fear is that I won't be able to continue to do this little girl and her story justice.  I guess I can only try.

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend everyone, I'll see you soon!


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  1. Hi Katie. I like your picture of the girl. When I look at her eyes they seem to be asking what's next. What does the future hold for me?


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