Thursday, 15 September 2011

Getting Back on Track

Well, I sort of am.  With my watercolour curtain painting, that is.  Everything else is just about falling apart.  No, only kidding, everything is fine, nearly perfect in fact!

Except my floors could do with a darn good sweeping though - I have dust bunnies big enough to pass for a football floating around the lounge room floor.  I'm worried one of the kids will accidentally pick one up and take it to footy training by mistake!

Yes, I know that previous sentence was a random thing to type and totally unrelated to my post.  But that is how my brain operates.   Imagine if everything I wrote on here was predictable - I think I'd put myself to sleep.  My husband says this quirky trait makes me interesting to live with as he is never sure where a conversation will end up.   I consider one person liking this quirk, out of a world of a couple of billion people isn't bad odds. Anyway,  thanks to me, I bet you are now feeling compelled to also go and sweep your floors as soon as you finish reading this post, aren't you?  See, stopping by here is a great motivational tool!

Next week, we'll tackle the ironing.  (Only kidding, I HATE ironing.)

Anyway, I'll pull myself back into line and get to the point.  Today's offering is still by nowhere near what I would call a quality painting,  but at least it is an improvement on yesterday's little debacle:

Do you agree?

I feel a little better about drapery now, although I have an inkling I'll never be able to look at curtains quite the same way again.  And I can definitely conclude for the time being I that my watercolour curtain painting escapades shall draw to a close.

Hmmm, what to try next, I wonder?

I'll have to put a bit of thought into that.

Have a wonderful day, I'll see you soon -  I'm off to sweep my floors!


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