Friday, 23 September 2011

Does Anyone Else Love Tree Tunnels? (Part 2)


Following on from last week's post about my love for tree tunnels, I continued work on my own tree tunnel painting in Ms Kathy's art class last night.  Here you go, have a look at my progress:

I can tell you that working in oil paints has so far been an interesting combination of  "pleasure and pain" (thank you Divinyls) - I adored the fact I could blend and bend and work the paint, but found it painful that I'd notice a mistake and go back to fix it, only to find I need to wait for the paint to dry and go back next week to repaint it and fix it up.

I think I must have sounded kind of like this to my class-mates, "aahhhhhhh--- ARRRRRRGGGGGGH------aaaaaahhhhh---ARRRRRRGGGGGGH!!!!!"  (And it wasn't even talk like a pirate day.  There were a few moments I thought I might have to walk the plank over the course of the evening.)

Anyway, I can see that the painting is coming along and am looking forward to next week when I can address those niggly areas that are really bugging me.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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