Thursday, 1 September 2011

Abstract Quandry - Part I

Hello, I hope this finds you all well and happy today!

I've got a dilemma I'd love you to help me solve.

Today's artwork is Part I of what I intend to be a two part series of posts featuring my latest acrylic, semi-abstract painting as the star attraction.

This painting actually started out as an abstract in Ms Kathy's art class last week.  I happily slapped paint on here, stroked there and stippled with my paintbrush for a couple of hours, when a couple of my clever suddenly classmates noticed that it kinda looked like I had actually painted a picture of waves breaking on the ocean.  I looked, and by jimminy, it actually does.  Go figure.  They then got all creative on me and said the top left hand corner looked like a fire in the distance.  Wowsers - they were on a creative roll! :-)

So now I'm confused.  I'm starting to consider that perhaps this painting isn't an abstract afterall - maybe it has morphed into a sort of impressionistic landscape?  What do you think?  Abstract or Landscape?  Here, have a look:

Am I an Abstract or a Landscape?
I actually kinda like it.  Hubby said he "didn't get it", but I'm fine with that.  I can't expect him to like everything I do and he has openly admitted that abstract is his least favourite form of art.  At least he's honest. (In a nice way, he knows to be mean about it would have dire consequences! ;-))

So what do you think will do the painting most justice - return it to its original state of being an abstract painting or work with the "impressionist landscape" idea?   Thoughts anyone?  Please advise - for once I'm really stuck and am unsure of which direction to take.

Regardless, I refuse to give up on this painting - nothing should ever be too hard, I say!

Be sure to return to find out what becomes of my latest "masterpiece"!

Kate x

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