Monday, 19 September 2011

Jacaranda - Part 1

Today features yet a first under-painting of a landscape featuring the majestic Jacaranda tree.

I decided to paint a Jacaranda because I adore how the purple haze of petals covers the ground every spring-time in Brisbane.

This was painted using acrylics on a really large canvas (26" X 40") - my largest work ever commenced to date.  (I say "commenced", because it currently feels like it will never be finished!)  There is still so much to do, so please don't pass complete judgement on this work just yet - I realise it needs a lot of work!  I've barely blocked in the shapes and have only had a tiny start at the blooms, which will cover much of the top two thirds of the canvas.

Still, at least it is a start, right?  I keep thinking that this is going to be like a jig-saw puzzle - fitting tiny pieces together to hopefully create a beautiful picture in the end.  Stay tuned to see how this painting develops over the next few days!



  1. I can see that it's not done yet, but regardless I am loving it already. Those colours appeal to me a lot, they are the ones that I find myself using.
    Will be watching out for that one, it rates highly with me. :)

  2. Oh Kirstie ... I was just saying to my husband today how I'm loving the Jacaranda trees all over Brisbane at the moment. I can't wait to enjoy the purple carpet that follows when the bloom falls from their gorgeous canopy. I'll definitely be finding someone to indulge in some Jacaranda fun with my camera before this spring is over. I'm loving your art already and can't wait to see follow ups.

  3. Oh, thank you! I truly hope that the direction I've taken the painting in is the right one. I really love jacaranda's in bloom too, so have enjoyed painting this artwork very much! x


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