Monday, 5 September 2011

Pencil Practice - Finally Some Improvement

I have a confession to make.

My pencil drawing practice of the human face has been utterly the most  pencil crushingly, frustrating and bewildering aspect of my foray into the world of visual art.  I have been feeling these past six months that despite diligent practice, I keep hitting a virtual brick wall, artistically-wise anyway.

Draw.  <Splat!> 

Draw some more.  <Double Splat!> (That was my ego hitting the wall.)

That makes today's post very special.  Yes siree,  I can finally see some improvement.  Particularly when you compare it to my first offering. Yippee! :-)

Today's rendering is of a fictional woman. I wanted you to look at her and have it make you wonder about her story:  Why is she wearing the scarf?  Is she a modern woman or from eons of old?  Is she upset, or just deep in thought? Who is she looking at or looking for?

I hope maybe I've achieved that:

Woman in Scarf
Of course, I'm aware that in comparison to all the amazing pencil works I've seen on the Internet, I still have a long way to go.  I can already notice a couple of areas I'd love to go back and "tweak".  However, I think I'll leave those little imperfections in place for now, in order to let it document my ongoing artistic journey and development.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my pleasure.

Have a great week,


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